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Falling Out of Love With Toxic Self-Care

Falling Out of Love With Toxic Self-Care
Ignorance & Bliss

Ahh. That first hint of crisp fall air. 

Favorite riding boots? Check. New plaid scarf? Obviously. All that was left on my fall shopping list was a big coffee scented candle to fill my apartment with benzene and toluene, and the obligatory stop for some delicious pumpkin loaf baked with inflammatory seed oils. 

Ooh... Maybe just one more thing. That petroleum-based lipstick is too cute in warm brown. Sold.

With my shopping complete, I was officially ready to enjoy my last fall season as a grad student. A bad hair day for morning classes was nothing a little propane-laden dry shampoo couldn’t fix, and I’d move through the day confidently knowing my PFAS-packed eyeliner wouldn’t let me down. Settling in at night with an impressive exfoliation and face mask ritual starring parabens, EDTA and artificial fragrances was the epitome of relaxation. I had no idea what I was doing, but I had it all figured out.  


If this horror scene sounds familiar, maybe you had it figured out, too. 

How did we not know our products were poisoning us? Regular trips to CVS and occasional splurges at department store cosmetics counters were the norm. Fragrances disrupting our hormones- yeah, right. 

Choosing Change

Fast forward to 2023, and we are fortunate to have a wealth of ever-growing information available to us about how to enjoy self-care without all the toxic ingredients we once used. We’re learning the importance of balancing our hormones and recognizing the healing powers of nature, and we have much healthier ways to get glowing skin than scrubbing away with toxic products. 

With winter right around the corner and the brisk fall weather encouraging us to slow down, sip a hot beverage and enjoy some TLC, it’s the perfect time to be mindful about letting go of toxins in our self-care routines and fall for products that love us back.  

Letting Go

One of the biggest swaps I struggled with was eyeliner. With thin, sparse lashes and oily lids, I rely heavily on a trusty eyeliner that stays put to create an everyday look I feel confident in. It took me years to even consider taking the leap into the clean skincare world for this one. 

After trying just about every ‘clean eyeliner’ on the internet and being disappointed time and again, the search has ended and 100% Pure has gained a fan for life. Their cruelty-free, fruit-pigmented eyeliner stays in place all day with no running, itching or burning, and it’s made right here in the USA. I’ll be reaching for LPO’s stock of Creamy Long Last Eyeliner in Dark Cocoa this fall to achieve a soft and warm look that makes my blue eyes pop. 


Anastasia’s Tip:

If you love to play with buildable color, try pairing 100% Pure’s velvety cocoa liner with a touch of Lily Lolo’s On the Rocks Eye Palette to amp up your eyes with skin-loving pomegranate and argan oils. A winner of the Green Beauty Bible Award, Lily Lolo eyeshadow is silky smooth and easy to blend. 

Finding Healing and Renewal Through Clean Self-Care

I’ve come a long way in my quest to find the best natural skincare and haircare products on the market, and LPO makes it so easy to find them all in one place. This fall, I’ll be focusing on making time to incorporate healthy products in my daily routine while still enjoying simple pleasures in moderation, like an occasional hot toddy (with superfood raw honey, of course). 


To really get in the fall spirit, I plan to try this must-have purifying potion from Earth Harbor to clarify my skin and to experience the enchanting luxury of Under Luna’s Deep Magic Hair + Scalp Serum to hydrate and add texture to my hair. They smell amazing, and they’re both vegan and free from spooky ingredients. 


A Note From LPO 

Researching and trying new healthy products has become a hugely enjoyable part of our lives, and our nightmares of using toxic products without a second thought have been replaced with an abundance of gratitude for our partners who bring us safe and effective products to share with you. We love learning more every day about new healthy changes we can make for our families, and we hope that as a member of LPO’s family, you find everything you need to make healthy changes for your family, too. We wish you a peaceful and renewing fall, and we can’t wait to share more products and updates in November for National Healthy Skin Month! 


P.S. Can’t get enough pumpkin spice? Try Anastasia’s nourishing pumpkin spice smoothie recipe and let us know what you’re leaving behind to get healthier this fall. 



Annie Celentani is a freelance writer who loves nature, traveling and Italian wine. When she's not writing, you can find her researching natural foods & skincare products or out on a walk with her husband Paul, hoping to meet a dog to pet along the way.

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