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Simplify Your Spring Skincare Routine

Simplify Your Spring Skincare Routine

In the day-to-day rush, there’s constant pressure to hurry up, to do more, consume more and be more. We can weigh ourselves down to the point of nearly suffocating, only to turn to another product, another purchase, even another obligation for a remedy. Some might say it’s just the world we live in. At Love Peace Organic, we believe the best things in life are simple. 

This spring, we’re cleaning out more than our closets. We’re decluttering our skincare routines. We welcome you to join us as we embrace our founding purpose: to be encouraged in self-care, self-love and calm from within, with bespoke skincare products to help us pause and relax

How we got here

In a word, excess. 

Because we complete them in the name of self-care, we may not even consider how our skincare routines can become part of our overwhelm. One minute we’re ordering a new product we saw an influencer using, next we’re making time to use it without thinking much about why. It’s hard to admit, but piling on another thing, even if we bought it to feel good, can turn into one more meaningless motion in our often unfocused lives.


Certain selling points of skincare will always be of value, like cruelty-free, natural and effective ingredients, and sustainable packaging. Other aspects however, like the push of endless new ingredient combinations, can spiral out of control and steal our peace if we’re not careful. Foolproof marketing makes us feel like we somehow need every product we see - leading us to follow unnecessary steps, layer too many ingredients and hop on every new trend. 


There’s nothing wrong with having a skincare routine and a handful of products we love, but making time to use our products shouldn’t be stressful. If skincare as self-care has become another chore, it’s time to reset.


So, what do we do to determine which products are worth it and which routines are really right for us? 


What to do... 



Being intentional about the products we buy and the ways we spend time using them brings clarity and banishes clutter. It involves skipping what’s trendy in favor of what’s effective. For one person, a winning skincare routine might mean pairing a basic cleanser with a light moisturizer. For another, getting some natural sunlight on her skin (yes, sun exposure, I said it!) followed by a healing balm or a refreshing mist might be the best route. 


Anastasia Taras, the Founder of Love Peace Organic, sums up skincare intentionality beautifully. She says, 


“ I have found that the most effective products have fewer ingredients - they let the plants work their magic, helping you to achieve that radiant glow. Less ‘noise’ means more peace, more healing, better health, and a happier, more vibrant you!” 


Wow. Sounds like just what we’re looking for. But how do we get there?


How to get more out of less?



Did you catch the word bespoke in our founding purpose? Bespoke means “for a particular user or customer” or “custom-made.” Take a look at your skincare collection and ask yourself what makes your products right for you. If your answers start to sound impersonal, be honest with yourself. 

Try to pinpoint a star ingredient in 3-5 essential products you feel make the greatest impact on your unique skin. Maybe it’s chamomile to calm redness and irritation, hyaluronic acid to revive tired skin, or a retinoid to combat signs of aging. Think about how you can space out a few select products from morning to evening or over the course of the week to target your specific needs, and give your overflow of products a break. You might be surprised at how much you enjoy doing more with less. 


Once you’ve selected your 3-5 products, keep them organized in a way that makes you feel calm and in control. If you usually keep an arsenal of skincare products on your vanity or in your bathroom cupboard, take a deep breath and put them out of sight for a while. Being intentional means choosing not to choose everything. When you don’t have an abundance staring back at you, you won’t get distracted and you’ll be more likely to appreciate the power of less.


After you’ve given your simplified skincare routine a solid chance, reflect on how it’s changed your outlook on what’s necessary. Does your skin feel lighter or less congested? Maybe shortening your routine lets you enjoy a few extra minutes of sleep. Putting fewer ingredients to work more intentionally can benefit our minds, bodies and souls.



Rediscovering Purpose in Self-Care


Embracing intentional simplicity in our skincare routines creates space for us to pause, relax, and find our inner calm. As we challenge ourselves to refresh our routines this spring, it helps to remember our reason for renewal: to nourish our bodies from the inside out. 


Love Peace Organic believes what we put on our skin matters. If we eliminate the noise, we’ll give ourselves more time and energy to dedicate to products and routines that truly serve us. We’ll see that overdoing it is possible, even with natural products. Our obsession with excess will lose its luster, and we’ll set ourselves free to shine. 


Curious about how we’re changing our skincare routines? 


Here are our top five light and airy picks for a simplified, vibrant spring.


  1. Nymph Nectar Superfruit Radiance Balm
  2. Rose Glow Complexion Mist
  3. First Light Vitamin C + Caffeine Eye Cream
  4. Brighter Days Red Algae + Avocado Biodegradable Eye Masks
  5. Grapefruit Lemongrass Prebiotic Lotion


Let us know what you’re letting go of this spring and how it’s fueled self-love. 

DM us on Instagram @Lovepeaceorganic




Annie Celentani is a freelance writer who loves nature, traveling and Italian wine. When she's not writing, you can find her researching natural foods & skincare products or out on a walk with her husband Paul, hoping to meet a dog to pet along the way.

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