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Balance in a bottle.


GlucoBitters is an herbal, “metabolic vinegar” tincture infused with over 500mg of botanicals that help maintain healthy blood sugar levels in the normal, healthy range.


Each herb in this blend helps lessen occasional cravings and supports insulin sensitivity, helping you become less resistant to reaching your weight management goals.


The combination of organic apple cider vinegar and powerful blood sugar botanicals provides complementary benefits not experienced with either herbs or vinegar alone. Thus, this 2-for-1 tool helps “train” your body to be more stable and adaptable when indulging in occasional heavy meals, sweets and desserts.


Benefits & Uses


-Supports healthy, normal insulin sensitivity*

-Maintains healthy glucose levels already in the normal, healthy range*

-Metabolic support for PCOS*

-Supports normal testosterone levels*

-Aids healthy weight management when combined with sensible diet and exercise*

-Assists with occasional sugar and carbohydrate cravings*

-Helps maintain stable mood + energy levels*

-Supports the conversion of carbohydrates to be used for energy*


Nut Free


Gluten Free

Dairy Free



Third party tested


**Not recommended for use during pregnancy or lactation.

** If you are Type 1 Diabetic please consult with your doctor before using and monitor your levels closely.

Gymnema Leaf+,Bitter Melon Fruit, Sweet Orange Peel+, Peppermind Leaf+, Cinnamon Bark+, Fenugreek Seed+, Gentian Root+, Bupleurum Root. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Grain Alcohol (5% by volume) +Organic. 
Before carb-heavy meals, sweets, or desserts, take 1-2 full droppers diluted in a small amount of water. Do not take undiluted. If you forget to take it before meals, you can also take it afterwards-the vinegar and herbs will exert a glucose-supporting effect and help you utilize carbohydrates more efficiently.*

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