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Begin Within: A Daily Healing Journal

Begin Within is a daily healing journal for those living life with chronic illness, mental illness, or other health-related challenges. This hardcover journal allows you to document everything from your vitals to your nutrition, mood, medications, symptoms, challenges, and accomplishments big and small, with a focus on gratitude.




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Begin Within Today Therapy, Life Coaching and Resources meets you, and or your loved one(s) exactly where you/they are, which is in perfect and divine timing. As an organization, they are rooted in a foundation of respect, sensitivity, compassion, and understanding, using a holistic approach. They believe healing begins within, focused on the abundant strengths and resources you already have. 
Thank you in advance for your purchase. Each month, we donate a portion of journal sales to an organization that promotes advocacy, research, and resources for the chronic illness community. We hope our journals and services empower and support you to find confidence, freedom, balance, joy, peace, independence and clarity from within. -CHRISTINA KANTZAVELOS, LICENSED PSYCHOTHERAPIST 

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