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At this point, you’ve most likely heard of probiotics, “gut health”, and the beneficial role of good bacteria. But what exactly is our microbiome?

During my healing journey, I was eager to learn how our microbiome is connected to autoimmune health, weight, mental health, cancer, and even skin conditions. Your microbiome is the combination of parasites, yeasts, and bacteria that comprise a living ecosystem on your skin, in your nose, and in your entire digestive system.

So, how can we help protect our microbiome? Scientific literature increasingly points to our gut microbiome as a direct influencer of our overall health and inflammation levels. Understanding the gut was a big factor in my healing journey. In this blog post, I’ll share some of what I have learned, to help you protect your microbiome!



Disconnecting from our busy lives and taking 10-15 minutes a day to meditate lowers our stress hormones and gives us that PEACE we desperately need. Additionally, I found that practicing daily gratitude changed my life tremendously. Focusing on gratitude and writing my goals was a huge part of my healing journey. The Rituals + Wellness Journal from Wilde House Paper is my favorite. The hand-torn cover and luxe recycled paper are so beautiful. Plus, Wilde House Paper prioritizes sustainability, and partners with One Tree Planted to plant one tree for every order placed!


Your oral health is directly connected to your gut microbiome. Switching to a Biological/Biomimetic Dentist was an important factor in my healing journey. A Biological Dentist takes into account the relationship between oral health and whole body health. Their offices are mercury-free, fluoride-free, and metal-free. Biological Dentists also use ozone, and swab your mouth to view bacteria growth as well as your pH levels. Harmful bacteria found in your mouth can be key to identifying the root cause of your health issues. To keep excess bacteria from my mouth I use my Tongue Cleaner from Dr. Tung. I also avoid aggressive antibacterial mouthwashes that kill good bacteria, and instead add Ozonated Gum Gel from Living Libations to my toothpaste or floss to gently cleanse excess bacteria.


Plant tissues are made up of cells that produce lipids; these oils work in synergy with our cells and microbes. Cleansing with oils, like our go-to Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn from Living Libations, stabilizes our beneficial skin bacteria and enhances protection from pathogenic bacteria. Soothing serums of seabuckthorn and jojoba deliver phospholipids and balance the microbiome to keep cells plump. Hydrosols, like the ones from Wildcare Skincare, restore the skin’s natural pH. These nutrient rich, energetic, and authentic hydrosols contain the plant’s own suspended micro particles of essential oil, plant acids - even a plant’s specific essence and memory imprint! In addition, I avoid synthetic cosmetics and harsh chemical skincare products that strip away the delicate microbiome layer.


The overuse of antibacterial soap harms the skin’s bacterial ecosystem in the same way that the overuse of antibiotics and antibacterial products diminish the gut flora to flourish. I was excited to find Aleavia prebiotic products, and love using their Wild Orchid body wash and Grapefruit Lemongrass body lotion. These organic skin care products pull toxins and chemicals out of the skin while feeding the good bacteria that already exists on your skin! This will rebalance the pH levels on your skin on a cellular level, resulting in alkaline, radiant skin. Plus, they smell AMAZING!


The importance of moving the lymphatic system, which is responsible for moving waste in the body, is often overlooked. Since this system doesn’t have a natural pump, toxins can become stagnant in the body and back up. The number one way to move the toxins through your lymphatic system is exercise. Rebounding is a great way that I found to help move my lymph. Another way to stimulate the lymphatic system is through dry brushing. I love using my Glow Facial Dry Brush from Province Apothecary which also gently exfoliates my skin! Gua Sha is also amazing for lymphatic drainage and aids in circulation. My go to Rhea Black Bian Stone is my favorite self-care tool and gives my skin that radiant glow.


Supplements are an important factor when healing our gut and maintaining homeostasis. Due to poor diets, toxins, and the depletion of nutrients/minerals in our soil we need certain supplements to reach optimal wellness. I am currently using the following to aid in my health journey:

Probiotics are crucial in maintaining good bacteria. My favorite is Not Your Average Probiotics from Organic Olivia.

Magnesium, which helps the digestive system and is responsible for over 300 cellular processes in the body. I am currently using a liquid supplement from Mary Ruth.

Glutathione helps with detox and repair. I am currently using a glutathione supplement from Quicksilver.

Vitamin D significantly increases gut microbial diversity. I like the liquid form of D3+K2 from Mary Ruth.

When I want my morning coffee, but am cutting back on caffeine I grab my microbiome-friendly Herbal Coffee from Wooden Spoon Herbs. Not only is it a great alternative to coffee, it also contains prebiotic roots and herbs like Maca, Dandelion, and Chicory that support my energy levels and boost my mood.

Everyone’s healing journey looks different. Keeping my microbiome in mind during my wellness rituals has helped in my health journey. I hope these tools can help you in your own journey. Let our team know if you have any comments or tips that we can incorporate!

Love + Peace,

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Founder + Mama + Wellness Advocate

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