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The Rhea Gua Sha Stone

Our favorite Gua Sha tool in Black Bian Stone. This mineral dense stone carries more than 30 trace minerals and is optimal for smoothing, lifting, sculpting, and rejuvenating the skin. Mineralogy studies show that Bian stone creates far infrared waves, ultrasound pulses, and negative ions that help boost and regenerate healthy cells and DNA! Sculpt and lift cheekbones, relax forehead muscles, depuff undereyes and give your skin a fresh glow.


Please note that white “veins” of various sizes may appear on the stone. These veins were formed as a result of the meteor striking the earth and are a sign of the Bian stone’s authenticity.


Our founder named this stone "Rhea" after her youngest daughter. Rhea is the Greek goddess mother of the gods, whose name means flow and ease.

Use daily for optimal results.
Wipe down with warm water and let dry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
J Gall
Beautifully Powerful

I was drawn to this specific stone but didn't know why until I started researching and I'm loving my new gun sha!

Love my Rhea Gua Sha stone

I have been using this facial Rhea Gua Sha stone every day for a month and I m so happy that I got this tool. You can totally feel and see the difference! Worth the investment!

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