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Peace Juice

Relaxation in a bottle.


Peace Juice was created to help provide relief from occasional anxiousness, and is formulated with time-tested herbs traditionally used to maintain a deep sense of calm and relaxation. Carry this convenient tincture in your pocket or purse for quick and discreet sprays of comfort when traveling, at the office, or even at home.*

Benefits & Uses


-Stress support

-Supports a sense of relaxation

-Supports the nervous system



Nut Free


Gluten Free

Dairy Free



Third party tested

Kava Root, Passion Flower Herb, Motherwort Herb, Gentian Root, Wood Betony Herb, Schisandra Berry. Other Ingredients Vegetable Glycerin, Deionized Water, Peppermint Essential Oil.
Spray 6-10 times (approx. 1ml) on the tongue. Let yourself taste the flavors for a moment as you settle into a moment of tranquility. You may also spray Peace Juice directly into your water or tea. For those who are generally sensitive and responsive to herbs, you can start with a lower dose of 1-3 sprays to get acquainted with the formula and gauge your individual needs. Likewise, others on the opposite end of the spectrum may find that they prefer a full dose for the desired effect. *Not Suitable for pregnancy. 

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