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Lemon Light Hydrosol

Lemon Light Hydrosol is as bright as the sun at Zenith. Uplift moods during seasonal transitions & awaken a fatigued, foggy mind with this zesty mist.


Daily usage as a facial toner provides anti-inflammatory, astringent and brightening properties. Laden with antioxidants, lemon is shown to significantly lighten dark spots, reduce wrinkles & diminish scarring.


Zing the light back in!

Keep in a cool, dark place, and always out of direct sunlight, using within 1 year.

100% steam distillation of organic lemon
Mist your Hydrosol onto clean face or hands until saturated, and pat for ample hydration. For added moisture morning and night, follow by gently massaging a nourishing facial oil into the skin, and finish with another mist of your Hydrosol to lock in moisture. Your daily use restores the skin’s natural PH balance.

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