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Forest Herbal Tea Blend

drink it-plant it


A smooth and full-bodied blend that you can enjoy any time of the day. The distinctive flavor and taste of sage and fennel seed, in combination with the citrus hint of mountain tea and the bitterness of the rest of the herbs, leave a long-lasting hydrating aftertaste.





When the contents are finished, reuse the compostable container and turn it into a pot! Follow the instructions on the back side of the label, find the organic seedstick and grow your own herbs. Play your part in environmental protection by applying the circular economy model and reduce waste. 



23g | Serves 23 cups
Whole leaf loose
Naturally caffeine free
Ethically harvested, processed and packed by hand in Greece

Rose hip*, Sage*, Mountain tea*, Fennel*, Hyssop*, Mallow*, Dittany**Product of organic farming
The ideal way to prepare your tisane is the infusion. For 1 cup put 1-2g approx. 1 tsp of the blend into a utensil. Add hot water cover it with a lid and let it rest. Strain and serve. Enrich the sweet taste of this blend by adding a teaspoon of honey.
Mellow & smooth with long-lasting, hydrating aftertaste.

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