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Energy, Frequency & Vibration

Energy Frequency Vibration Blog The Peace @lovepeaceorganic
If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. - Nikola Tesla

Have you ever wondered how you can gain deep insights into what's working well in your body, what you might need to give more attention to, and even what remedies would be useful to you on your journey to whole-body, better health? I recently got to take a peek at the stresses in my body, alongside real, personalized data to help guide me even closer to fuller health.

I want to share a bit about my experience with bioenergetic testing. "But Anastasia - what in the heck is bioenergetic testing?" Let me tell you about it before we dive into how it might be useful to you as a part of your overall wellness journey!

Bioenergetic testing is the product of bio-feedback research started by a German physician, Dr. Voll, in the 1950s. Dr. Voll was disgruntled with the traditional model of medicine and started to look at alternative methods that would address the “root” issues of his patients rather than masking a symptom. He used the Chinese meridian system theory to determine energetic imbalances using an ohm meter. This technology continues to advance and has proven to be a valid method for determining functional disturbances!

By using this technology, trained professionals can identify areas where there is improper energy flow and give balancing energy patterns to help restore balanced energy to the body. By reviewing the energetic patterns that are “balancers” for the body, these professionals can give clear direction on what is needed to further assist clients in achieving their healthcare goals.

Root Cause Clinic is a clinic that provides bioenergetic testing services. I contacted Dr. Veronica and set up a Zoom call to talk about my interest in her clinic, and how fascinated I am with her work. I wanted to learn more about Frequency specifically, and her biophotonic services.

A few months prior to launching Love Peace Organic, I purchased the biophoton beginner package for my eldest daughter. I had a review of her results with Arielle, a Root Cause Clinic practitioner. I found the results to be very helpful in pinpointing some specific things my daughter was dealing with. Arielle was wonderful to work with. We received custom tinctures aimed to provide specific support for my daughters imbalances, along with supplements and probiotics that were prescribed to us.

After speaking with Veronica she generously gifted me a lab kit for an:

  • Energetic Imbalance Scan
  • Root Cause Scan
  • Emotional Scan
  • And a virtual consult with Sam

    Dr. Veronica wanted me to experience the scans for myself.

    The lab kit includes instructions, and two small bags with labels to add a hair sample, nail clippings, a urine sample and a saliva sample. They also include an envelope to send everything back to their lab in California. Easy!

    Once Root Cause received my lab work, I filled out an online questionnaire and scheduled a virtual appointment with one of their practitioners, Sam Bamford, FNTP (Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, commonly known as a holistic nutritionist).

    Sam was so informative and clearly has a passion for healing and health. She went over all my test results from my Energetic Imbalance Scan, Root Cause Scan, and my Emotional Scan. This took about two hours. Sam explained the imbalances that came up and helped me understand the root cause of certain issues I was dealing with. Some new things such as lyme and mold resonated on my scan. I need to further look into these issues as they make sense with many of the symptoms I have dealt with.

    I was really impressed by the accuracy of my results. While Root Cause Clinic cannot diagnose disease, they can find improper energy flow and give 'prescriptions' for balancing energy patterns to help restore energy to the body.

    I was given answers to things I had been questioning and couldn’t find answers to from other doctors or practitioners I have seen throughout the years on my healing journey. Certain vitamin, mineral, and enzyme deficiencies were brought to light, in addition to hormones that were elevated and chakras that were blocked. I also discovered areas on my spine that were misaligned; I was able to discuss these issues with my chiropractor. 

    Bioresonance testing shows us that emotions are quantifiable. Our feelings become flesh. Feelings generate measurable electromagnetic energy fields. These electromagnetic fields directly interact and influence the expression of the body’s own bioelectromagnetic fields, which then act to directly dictate physiological health.

    Through my emotional scan, my practitioner was able to pinpoint a year of my life that resonated with emotional stress. I found this to be exactly spot on. I was prescribed therapies such as acupuncture and hyperbaric oxygen therapy that would help me specifically heal. Additionally, I was given specific affirmations to say, as well as the crystal that resonated for me. (I purchased this crystal, which happens to be zincite). This was such a cool experience, and I even got emotional when talking about my scan with Sam.

    Via email, I was sent a protocol with:

    • all the imprinted tinctures I needed and their specific energetic signatures
    • plant based supplements to heal my imbalances
    • support for detox
    • support for mental clarity and relaxation

    I am excited to dig further into my protocol and try my tinctures and supplements. It is my hope that working with my holistic practitioner and using these results to guide us, in conjunction with my traditional medical lab work, will further my healing journey.
    I am grateful to Dr. Veronica, Sam, Arielle, and Root Cause Clinic for all their passionate work!

    If you have questions about biophotonic testing, I highly encourage you to visit Root Cause Clinic's FAQ page to learn more. I am also happy to share more about my experience with anyone who may have specific questions for me! You can find me on Instagram @lovepeaceorganic.

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