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Crystals For Intentional Thinking

Crystals For Intentional Thinking
If you’re looking to attract some healthy energy toward your love life, career goals, family changes or even the way you express self-love, the use of crystals might be everything your mental health needs. Astrology and crystal use have been reclaimed by younger generations looking to connect with the spiritual manifestation the stones can provide.

Crystals can be used to manifest and attract positive changes in any and all aspects of your life. Many people find changes and evolutions to be more attainable when they associate their wishes with a physical object. There are hundreds of crystals, each associated with a different wish or emotion. Whether you’re looking to gain more energy in your work life or a more successful love life, crystals might be the physical affirmation tool your manifestation practices need. 

Love Peace Organic founder, Anastasia Taras uses crystals in her daily life. Anastasia stores her crystals on her desk to bring positive energy to her work day, on her night stand to help manifest a restful sleep, and even in her purse to hold affirmational energy with her throughout her day.

She was first introduced to a specific stone, zincite, when she participated in a frequency scan. After zincite came up on her frequency scan, she started incorporating this specific stone in her everyday life. Through using the zincite crystal in everyday aspects of her life, Anastasia has noticed a sincere energy shift as well as an increase in creativity. In order to connect with its powerful healing vibrations, she noticed it has helped her create a healthy work-life balance. 



Anastasia also encouraged the use of rose quartz toward manifesting more prominent romantic, platonic or self love. The rose quartz vibration is comforting and nurturing, both aspects that could greatly improve your self-care routine. It was through this appreciation for rose quartz that Anastasia included more astrology and crystal-based products on Love Peace Organic’s storefront. The new gua sha stone was created from rose quartz, which is known to be the stone of unconditional love. Love Peace Organic’s affirmational products will help you attain a more manifested way of living. 

CALM Mini Stone Pack + Ametrine Crystal Eyeshadow Palette

For Love Peace Organic customers looking to attract a more relaxed and calm approach to everyday life, Geocentral’s CALM Mini Stone Pack brings all the calm and collected vibes. Finding authentic stones can sometimes be tricky, especially with the rise of manifestation practices — almost every mass-market store is trying to find success from this societal obsession.

The CALM Mini Stone Pack provides users with two of the most relaxation encouraging stones — clear quartz and amethyst. Amethyst is commonly associated with attracting deeper, consistent sleep. It can also encourage you to approach anxiety-filled exchanges with a clearer mind.



Clear quartz is an open book in the way that you can use it to gain pretty much any positive emotion, desire or experience. It’s also a master healer, so if you’re looking to emotionally or physically move on from a traumatic experience, clear quartz could provide the support you need. By pairing amethyst and clear quartz up together in this pack, you are almost guaranteed a more serene and open-minded approach to life.

The next time you’re looking to connect with your inner calm, grab your amethyst and clear quartz, sit on your bed, turn on a relaxing song, breathe deeply and repeat these affirmations to yourself. 

Calm Affirmations:

  • Harmony and peace consistently surround me and my intentions. 
  • I can let go of things I can’t change. 
  • I attract calm and peaceful people into my life. 
  • A peaceful aura surrounds my family and myself. 
  • I embrace serenity and let go of stress. 

ĀTHR Beauty’s Ametrine Crystal eyeshadow palette infused in amethyst is a great way to add some calm energy into your morning makeup routine. ĀTHR Beauty focuses on creating sustainably conscious products that are good for you and good for your skin. 






    Dream + Shine Mini Energy Set 

    Especially after the emotional draining many of us felt during the pandemic, obtaining consistent energy might seem impossible. Finding energy in a virtual work setting or remembering to put time into friends and family might feel tough because of a lack of motivation.

    The Dream + Shine Mini Energy Set from Geocentral might help you visualize a more energized mentality. This collection holds one nephrite jade stone and one selenite. These two stones are the ultimate power duo, helping you to truly believe in your manifestations and the reality of their existence. Pair the energy set with the calm set to feel more of a gradual rise and fall between your daytime activities and preparing for a restful night.

    Try repeating some of these affirmations while you stretch in the morning to not only wake your body up, but connect your intentions to the physicality of your movement. 

    Energy Affirmations:

    • I am emotionally prepared to take on the day.
    • I approach my everyday life with determination and motivation to claim good energy.
    • I am evolving into someone with an abundance of energy. 
    • I approach every situation with healing energy.
    • The more purpose I have in life, the more energy I have to receive it. 

    LOVE Mini Crystal Pack + Rose Quartz Crystal Eyeshadow Palette

    When most people hear the word ‘manifestation,’ they often think of attracting love. When trying to manifest love, you can manifest romance of course, but along with that, you can still magnetize growth in platonic love, professional relationships, and self love. They might be trying to find more of an inward love for themselves or create more of a concrete relationship with close friends or family members.

    Regardless of the kind of love you are trying to obtain, the LOVE Mini Crystal Pack can support your journey with the set of rose quartz and clear quartz.




    Rose quartz is known to be the stone of unconditional love, so if you’re looking to establish an unbreakable bond with someone, or even yourself, grab your rose quartz, as well as your rose quartz infused ĀTHR Beauty Rose Quartz eyeshadow quad to get in touch with your highest self.

    This authentic eyeshadow palette is made with real rose quartz to help reduce the appearance of fine lines. Manifest all that goodness while using your new rose-infused eyeshadow palette and reciting some love affirmations. 

    Romantic Love Affirmations:

    • The universe is preparing me to be the best partner I can be.
    • I deserve the most passionate love.
    • I am worthy of a consistently healthy partnership.

    Self Love Affirmations:

    • I am perfect in my true, authentic self.
    • I am enough.
    • I am constantly growing more and more in love with myself each day.
    • I am a constant work in progress and I love who I am turning into.
    • I am at peace with the experiences of my past. 

    Heavenly Bodies Astrology: Deck & Little Guidebook

    Along with the use of crystals, investing in an astrology deck might make your manifestations more attainable. Many people use astrology decks to inherently plan for changes that might occur. The cards tell all, so pairing your favorite crystals with a deck could be the game-changer for your manifestation practices. The Heavenly Bodies Astrology Deck and Guidebook is perfect for anyone beginning their astrology practices or even a well-versed user.

    The deck is designed to grow with you and your affirmations, so don’t be surprised if you start to notice subtle, yet important changes in the way you view yourself or your manifested future. This deck and guidebook can help you approach a new side of astrology, by opening your mind to possible physical and emotional evolutions that could take place because of your intentional thinking. 




    If you’re looking to acknowledge your affirmations with more intentional thinking, follow the advice of Anastasia and start incorporating crystals and affirmations into your daily life, one small notion at a time. Put a rose quartz on your bathroom sink to encourage self-love at the beginning of the day, or place an amethyst stone on your bedside table to obtain more consistent rest and watch how these small, but mighty changes could help your affirmational self.

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